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As Breed Education Co-ordinator (BEC) for our breed over the coming months I will endeavour to assist in making sense of what on the face of it are radical changes in how we train and develop our judges from the beginning to Level 4.
So, let's begin with those who are on, or wish to start the journey to CC status, by setting out step by step what is required.

Before I do that, I cannot emphasis enough the need for the keeping and maintaining of accurate records, the JCF being computer based is reliant on this. Certificates of Attendance, Passes, KC Requirements etc. are easy to save, however, there also needs to be verifiable records of Stewarding and to this end the KC and Our Dogs both produce Steward Record Books. Ensure that on each occasion the record book is signed either by the judge or Show Secretary. You will be required to upload to your account all such information when the IT system goes live in Summer 2019.

Never judged before?
If your first appointment is after 1.1.2020 you must, before accepting the appointment register a JCF account with a declaration of intent as an "Aspiring Judge" and achieve Level 1 judge status.

JCF Level 1 Judge.
The requirements are:
1. A proven interest of a minimum of 5 years in one or more aspects of the breeding and exhibiting of pedigree dogs. Including exhibiting/breeding/stewarding/show administration.
2. Undertake 6 full days of stewarding appointments.
3. Attend a KC Requirements of a Dog Show Judge seminar and pass the exam.
4. Pass the KC Points of a Dog assessment.
5. Attend a KC Conformation and Movement seminar.
6.Complete and pass Kennel Club Academy on line critique seminar.

Upon updating your JCA account with evidence of legibility to apply for the status of JCF Level 1 Judge you can judge up to 3 classes of any breed at Open/Limited shows (four if one is a puppy) or 5 (six if one is a puppy for Stud Band E breeds (cockers are of course a Stud Band E breed).

JCF Level 2 Judge
From here on in the requirements are Breed Specific and how one attains Level 2 is dependent on past attainments, or future actions.

1. If a judge has previously passed a Breed Specific Hands on Assessment or passed the Breed Council Multiple-choice Breed Standard Exam then they are with either of these qualifications entitled to apply for JCF Level 2 Judge status.
2. If neither of the above apply in order to attain Level 2, attend a Breed Appreciation Day (BAD). Sit and pass the "subsequent" Multiple-choice Breed Standard Exam MCE).
Having passed the MCE apply for the status of JCF Level 2 Judge.

A little wrinkle is that, if having attended the BAD event a candidate sits and fails the subsequent MCE, they are obliged to attend a further BAD before re-sitting the MCE

It is envisaged that Breed Clubs will host both a BAD event followed by the MCE on the same day. There should be no restrictions to individuals wishing to attend a BAD, Continuous Personal Development (CPD) is actively encouraged for even established judges.

A JCF Level 2 Judge is equivalent to being a B List judge under the present breed criteria, therefore as a consequence they are able to judge:
Unlimited number of classes in the breed at an Open/Limited show and a Championship Show without CC's.
No more than 3 classes (4 if one is a Puppy class) of any other breed or 5(6) Stud Band E at an Open or Limited Show.

JCF Level 2 is where requirements as to mentoring sessions and approved observation of judging is an integral part of the Judges Competency Framework, which will form part of my next article.

Any queries/questions please direct to my dedicated BEC email at

Lorraine Palmer
Cocker Spaniel BEC                                                                            

September 2018.