Cocker Spaniel Breed Council


Home  Welcome to the Cocker Spaniel Breed Council Website

KC Code of Ethics : The Kennel Club General Code of Ethics

Breed Specific Guidelines: Guidance and good practice for all Cocker breeders as well as prospective Cocker owners

Member Clubs   All the Clubs which are members of the Cocker Spaniel Breed Council with contact details

Breed Standard  The Kennel Club Breed Standard for the Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Colours  The traditional colours of the Cocker Spaniel with photos

General Advice  Advice for the new puppy owner with tips on feeding, socialisation, house training etc

Temperament  Advice on how to deal with common behavioural problems

Temperament Helpline  Who to contact if you need help and advice with a temperament problem

Health Schemes  Information on the hereditary conditions known in the breed and the screening schemes available

Judging Lists Criteria Details of the criteria needed for application to join the Breed Council judging lists

Judging Lists   The Breed Council's Judging Lists (Roll of Honour, A1, A3, B and C Lists)

Judging Lists Forms  Application Forms for the A3, B & C Judging Lists.

Seminars: Details of any seminars being organised by member clubs

Links  Other useful websites


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